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We’re a mainstream PABX company operating in Cape Town, South Africa, so our core focus is to supply state-of-the-art telephone management systems systems to companies locally as well as nationally. These systems use the cheaper VOIP lines which allow companies greater flexibility within their office communications network as well as offering substantial savings through lower call charges as well as the management of business calls, from monitoring how many calls were made, how many were missed and the cost of calls per staff member. These systems are also fantastic for hotels, as they enable you to generate automatic invoices for guests phone calls.

We actually build systems for the specific needs of a company, right from a small operation up to larger organisations. Depending on the client, they might need telephone management systems to manage all their calls, including calls coming in and going out, monitoring and reporting on the costing of calls, additional lines to open up communications so that you don’t drop calls because customers keep getting engaged signals. If someone’s found your number in the Yellow Pages and they call you up but get an engaged tone then what do they do? They call the next company that catches their eye in the directory. Our skill is assisting clients by analysing that part of their business so that they don’t ever have a loss of income due to engaged tones. The solution is invariably to give them additional lines using the substantially more affordable VOIP network that has now been enabled widely across South Africa.

This VOIP network offers very, very inexpensive setup and call costs, and these lines are there mainly for your company’s outgoing calls as that enables you to save a minimum of 30% on all your outgoing calls – and the fact that VOIP enables you to access per-second billing adds even greater savings on top of that. We’ve found that our clients are benefitting with savings that work out to between 30-40% on outgoing calls. These extra VOIP lines for outgoing calls also leave your main and advertised lines free and available for incoming calls.

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Why pay for the call time you don't use?

It costs everyone more to call though Telkom… and as most people are on a per-minute billing structure it's even more expensive as you're charged a full minute even if you make a 10-second call. If you speak for five full minutes you'll pay for those five full minutes – that’s fair. However, while saying goodbye you run over into the sixth minute for a few seconds… and you will get billed for six full minutes. You’re losing money on every single call you make. We’ve done studies of clients’ calls and, aside from the other savings our VOIP installations offer, our per-second billing alone can cut 10-20% off your bill. Business is so tight and we all watch every cent we spend… but then you end up paying for calls that you haven’t made!

If your company’s monthly call usage is over R2 000, that’s already between R200-400 you can save immediately on your call costs. Stay on your current system you'll be forking out more than R5 000 over the course of the year for unused call time… and you’re paying that money for something you’re not using! Any business can find a better use for that level of lost income. With our VOIP lines if you speak for 10 seconds you pay for 10 seconds. The benefit of per-second billing plus the reduced rate on your outgoing calls through our VOIP lines will save you an average of 30-40% on your call costs per month.

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NEC launches the SL1000... and we've got stock

The Advanced Telcoms team jetted up to Gauteng to take part in NEC's annual conference – and we got the chance to see first-hand the exciting new NEC SL1000 PABX system. We bought 25 units (the second-largest order at the conference) so that we can offer these exceptional systems to our clients at the best possible price.

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Team Advanced Telcoms strike a pose

The Advanced Telcoms team couldn't pass up the chance for a photo-opp with some of the
hot wheels on display at the recent NEC Conference.


Call recording – and why every business needs it

Think about it – every conversation you have about your business really needs to be recorded, doesn’t it? You won’t listen to 99% of them, but when you need to hear what was said then it can prove invaluable. And it’s a cheap system to install when you consider the benefits. I use it for training my call centre staff and I even use it to monitor my own telephone conversations to put myself under pressure to always perform at my best. For me the benefit is how it helps everyone to raise their game. Everyone ups their game if they are being recorded, so your productivity has to improve using a system like this. I reckon it should improve your bottom line by 5-10% – so you’ll pay for the system in a month if you’re a small business. After that the system is making you money.

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