Head Office:
Tel: +27 21 762 9715
Fax: +27 86 522 4750
Email: adminjhb@advancedtelcoms.co.za
Johannesburg Office:
Tel: +27 86 111 3192
Fax: +27 86 601 9876
Email: infojhb@advancedtelcoms.co.za
Advanced Telcoms - Suppliers of ADSL Connections, Office Photocopiers, Parrot Projectors in Western Cape, Cape Town Advanced Telcoms - Specialised in Wireless Connections, VOIP calls and CCTV Connections in Western Cape, Cape Town


Call us any time during standard working hours on +27 21 762 9715 and we'll be glad to assist you with your query or arrange an appointment with one of our communications specialists.

Our office is in the heart of Wynberg Main Road in Cape Town, but we have installers nationwide and our Cape Town sales staff travel to select areas nationwide where we see potential for businesses to benefit from our services.

Want some further information about something you've seen on our website... or perhaps you want to give us some feedback? Simply email adminjhb@advancedtelcoms.co.za. We're all on BlackBerry smartphones so we'll get your message if it's urgent and will reply as soon as we can.
Tel Number:
+27 21 762 9715
Fax Number:
+27 86 522 4750
Head Office Physical Address:
46 Wallace Street,
Cape Town,